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Jazz Cruise

Canal tours with live jazz

1h 30min
Enjoy 1½ hours live jazz with various artists while sailing through the harbour and canals in Copenhagen
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Operetta Cruise

Canal cruise with live opera

1h 10min
Join our popular Operetta Cruise and listen to great opera while the boat sails through the canals of Copenhagen.
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Blues Cruise

Canal cruise with live blues

1h 15min
Enjoy live blues and Copenhagen’s best sights at the same time on this 75 minutes blues cruise through the canals.

Copenhagen Train Tour

Valid 24h
Join the little City Train and ride through the city’s medieval town with its cosy pedestrian streets and squares.

Annual Card

With an annual card you get access to the traditional ’Grand Tour’ with a live guide, to the Trekroner fortress/Halvandet, the cozy little City Train, and for...