Copenhagen by boat or bus

Sightseeing by Boat

The Grand Tour

See the city from the sea

1h DKK 80


Visit Trekroner Fortress by boat

30min DKK 80

Hop On - Hop Off Boat

Sightseeing by boat

Valid 48h DKK 110


Experience the wonderful oasis on the edge of Refshaleøen


Sail on the lakes in North Zealand

Sightseeing by Bus

Hop On - Hop Off

Sightseeing by bus

Valid 48h DKK 175

Royal Castle Tour

Luxury sightseeing tour by bus

6h 30min DKK 725

Copenhagen Panorama Sightseeing

See Copenhagen by bus

2h DKK 345

Copenhagen City Sightseeing

Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing by bus

Valid 72h DKK 195

Magnificent Malmö of Sweden

Experience two countries in one day

6h DKK 795

Combination Tours

Hop On - Hop Off Bus & Boat

Best offer - Summer season

Valid 48h DKK 245

Panorama Sightseeing & Canal Tours

Get the best from land and sea

3h DKK 395

Panorama Sightseeing & Tivoli

when only the best is good enough

2h DKK 450

The Grand Tour & Tivoli

Combine your boat tour with Tivoli

1h DKK 185


Experience the city to the fullest

Valid 72h DKK 325

Hop On-Hop Off Bus & Boat Winter

Best offer - Winter Season

Valid 48h DKK 245

CPH City Sightseeing & Tivoli

72 hours sightseeeing and entrance to Tivoli

Valid 72h DKK 300


Bagsværd Lake

55min DKK 80

Lyngby Lake

55min DKK 80


1h 50min DKK 80


Experience all three lakes in one day

DKK 160

Season Card

Sail to your heart's content

DKK 125

Bagsværd Lake Senior Citizens

55min DKK 40

Lyngby Lake Senior Citizen

0h 55min DKK 40

Furesøen Senior Citizen

1h 50min DKK 40

Three-in-one Senior Citizen

Experience all three lakes in one day

DKK 80